It’s easy to enroll but before you register, have your Roll of Attorneys No., one (1) government valid ID (Passport, Driver License, Voters ID etc.), and a device that can take your photo on hand. When you’re ready, click on the SIGN UP button on the upper right hand of your screen, fill in the form, and follow the step-by-step verification process to create an account.

Once registered, you can start enrolling in courses and packages, then proceed with payment. As soon as your payment has been verified, you will receive access to the courses you enrolled in.

We are offering a 36 c.u. package at the price of Php10,000.00.

If you are looking for a course or a subject, they are priced at Php1,200.00 no matter how many credit units the course may be.

There will be upcoming programs that are bundled into 24, 18 & 12 credit unit/s so you can maximize your learning experience while enjoying big discounts.

We also offer customized programs for law firms and companies. SIGN UP NOW and enjoy the convenience of online and on-demand MCLE!

All classes are available online and accessible at any given time.  Lessons are pre-recorded, interactive, and highly-engaging so you can attend each session at a time that is convenient for you. 

One MCLE unit is equivalent to one (1) hour.  Sessions normally run for two to three hours which you can watch at your own pace, however, should be completed within the required MCLE guideline time frame.  Need to take a break during a class? Don’t worry, OOMPI’s simple, logical, and user-friendly learning platform allows you to find the course and topic you want easily, mark or track it, then pick up where you left off. 

Enrollees can also interact with colleagues, fellow students, and lecturers through our Forum.

We know how challenging it can be to have a full caseload and still meet the required MCLE credit units in record time. That’s why OOMPI enrollees can access the courses subscribed to for the entire compliance period. 

OOMPI MCLE classes are so convenient that you can log in to your e-class using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or even a mobile phone as long as it has a working webcam or camera. We recommend that you use a stable internet connection for an optimal learning experience. When using an Apple or iOS device, please refrain from using the Safari browser. We recommend to use Chrome to log-in and watch videos. Please contact our 8563 4967 if you need help in setting up your gadget or device.

The OOMPI MCLE system needs access to your camera so we can verify your attendance. Our platform utilizes a state-of-the-art facial verification system powered by Shufti Pro to help us track your attendance and progress on each online learning module. 

For an OOMPIfied learning experience, we employ Shufti Pro’s artificial intelligence-based digital identity verification service for realtime verification of attendance using video. The system analyzes facial data using Liveness detection, 3D depth perception, microexpressions analysis, anti-spoofing checks, and fake image detection. We also conduct offline verification of uploaded still images such as IDs or documents for fast authentication. 

We assure you that our website is secure with 256-bit end-to-end encryption. We partnered with industry-leading service and technology providers such as Web Sight Technologies, Hostgator, VdoCipher, Shufti Pro, and Privaate so that all data, documents, images, and conversations used on our platform are locked for utmost protection and privacy. 

If you completed the OOMPI FULL COMPLIANCE package, we will assist you in securing a Certificate of Compliance. However, if you signed up for the HALF COMPLIANCE package or PER COURSE, you will only receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Fees can be settled through OOMPI's payment gateway that accepets MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, GCash, PayMaya and PayPal. 

Here at OOMPI, we make it a point that our learning platform and packages are simple, easy-to-use, and convenient. To make your MCLE compliance easy, we’ve taken out the guesswork by offering pre-selected courses under our 36, 24 and 12 credit unit packages. So, all you have to do is sign up and attend.

If you need the flexibility to choose topics or courses, we recommend that you take the PER COURSE track. 

According to MCLE Governing Board Resolution no. 04-2020, the following time-frame should be observed in viewing and completing the course/module for purposes of earning MCLE credit units :

1 Creditable Unit Video (1 hour) - should be completed within 24 hours

2 Creditable Unit Video (2 hours) - should be completed within 48 hours

3 Creditable Unit Video (3 hours) - should be completed within 72 hours

4 Creditable Unit Video (4 hours) - should be completed within 96 hours

The counting of the time-frame shall begin once the viewer/user starts watching the online course/module.

The time-frame shall apply on a per online course/module basis.

The steps to allow permission to use your camera may vary depending on the device and operating system you are using, but here are some general steps that can guide you:

        On Windows:

  1.     Click on the Windows Start button and go to Settings (gear icon).
  2.     Click on Privacy.
  3.     Select Camera from the left-hand menu.
  4.     Turn on the toggle switch under "Allow apps to access your camera".
  5.     Below that, you can also choose which apps have permission to use your camera.

        On macOS:

  1.     Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2.     Click on Security & Privacy.
  3.     Select the Privacy tab.
  4.     Click on Camera from the left-hand menu.
  5.     Check the box next to each app that you want to grant access to your camera.
       On iOS (iPhone or iPad):

  1.             Go to Settings.
  2.             Scroll down and select the app that you want to grant camera access to.
  3.             Toggle on the switch for Camera to give the app permission to use your camera.
        On Android:

  1.         Go to Settings.
  2.         Scroll down and select Apps & notifications.
  3.         Select the app that you want to grant camera access to.
  4.         Tap on Permissions.
  5.         Toggle on the switch for Camera to give the app permission to use your camera.

In general, if you want to allow camera access to a website, you can usually do so by    clicking on the camera icon in the address bar of your web browser and selecting "Allow" or "  Always allow" from the drop-down menu.

1. During registration a facial recognition is required.

2. While watching the lecture videos, user should be able to view himself/herself on the right hand side of the screen.  Please make sure that you are not in a full screen mode.

Please note that the MCLEO MISO called our attention to reset users who seemed to be inattentive while watching the lectures or are not seen in-frame when the snapshots are taken.

Always be conscious of the fact that the system takes random snapshots once you’ve logged-in.  If you need to take a break, it is better for you to PAUSE the video, LOG-OUT from your OOMPI account and log back in again when you are ready to watch. This will ensure no empty frames in your snapshots.

Please watch the course videos in the correct order to complete the course. Videos should be completed at one sitting and you will be verified that you were watching the entire video. Failing verification will mark the course as incomplete.

1. Click on the video thumbnail to straight playing it.

2. Your photo will be captured while watching the video to verify your attendance.

3. Make sure to finish watching the video within the allotted time frame to complete the  course.

4. If you need to take a break, PAUSE the video.

5. Rating the course and the lecturer is mandatory for completing the course.

Please insure that you have a camera attached to this device with necessary access permissions to use it on this web page.
OOMPI will take random pictures of you using your device camera, while watching the video, for verification purposes.
The device camera SHOULD NOT BE in use by any other application/browser.
The device camera SHOULD BE ON during the entire course of watching this video.
You CANNOT fast forward while watching the video, you can only REWIND 20 SECONDS at a time.
Please wait until the ENTIRE video timeline is completed, so you can be automatically redirected to the next screen.
If you stop the video immediately after the lecture ends, the system will mark the session as INCOMPLETE and you will not be redirected to the next screen.
DO NOT use Safari browser. If you only have an iOS or Mac device please make sure to use CHROME browser in logging in to your OOMPI account.